Debunking 5 Myths About Makeup


We lift the lid on 5 myths about foundation, sharing tips for finding the perfect natural match and loving the results.


Makeup Myth 1: Primer Isn't Worth It

A makeup primer really makes a difference. It smooths the skin so that makeup looks more even and flawless. And it protects your makeup from skin's natural oils, keeping makeup looking good for longer.


Award-winning Rose Dew has the added benefit of doubling up as a hydration-boosting, hyaluronic moisturiser. Simplicity in skin prep is key - we tend to find that fewer products under foundation helps your base look and wear better throughout the day.

Makeup Myth 2: I should match my foundation to my neck

Testing a foundation on your neck - or your hand, wrist, or cheek - will be unlikely to give you an accurate colour match. Apply the shade to at least half your face to judge the effect. This takes into account how your skin tone varies.

A flattering foundation may be a little deeper than your neck, but a good match with your chest, which tends to catch the sun.

Be sure to give the makeup a few minutes to 'oxidise' on the skin, which can deepen the tone. Also, try to check the foundation in natural daylight for best results.

These are the techniques we use in Bespoke Foundation Blending at the boutique, and which we recommend to follow if you purchase one of our Redeemable Sample Sets to test at home.

Be aware you might suit a different shade in the summer than in the winter, due to your skin tone and the quality of daylight both changing across the year.

Makeup Myth 3: Foundation always looks heavy

Our skincare-inspired formulations are designed to look natural on skin, so it's hard to look overdone. But whatever base you're using, you can also avoid a heavy finish with smart application. It's best not to apply a dollop and blend it all out.

Instead, we recommend dotting foundation on and blending out in circular motions with a firm brush like our Buffing Brush

Build up to your desired finish little by little. Focus coverage in the central t-zone area of your face, especially your nose and chin.

Tackle temples and jawline with the excess remaining on your brush.

Makeup Myth 4: Foundation is bad for your skin

Our foundations all have skincare benefits and are designed to care for skin while you wear them. But trouble starts if we forget to cleanse away the day.

We need to remove product residue, pollution, and our own skin cells that occlude the skin and encourage breakouts and dullness.

The Cleansing Collection is our recommended regime of makeup remover, cleanser, and clarifying toner to keep skin clear, glowing and balanced day after day.

Makeup Myth 5: I need more coverage as I get older

We may feel we have more to cover, but applying a full coverage foundation all over will ultimately fall into fine lines.

For a naturally flawless look, opt for a two-step approach: a light-to-medium base first, then covering any remaining issues with a higher coverage concealer.

Award-winning Weightless Cream Foundation allows you to do both, with the same product.

Apply a sheer layer with a Buffing Brush to create a beautifully even skin tone, then apply more with fingertips as needed to tackle individual blemishes, redness or sunspots.


We hope this was helpful and interesting! To get more questions about foundation answered, contact our friendly Customer Service team.