Cleansing Collection

All You Need For Clear, Hydrated Skin

Transform your skin and restore its balance and glow with our signature three-step cleansing routine for morning and evening, available to purchase as a set with a saving of £18.

Remove eye makeup gently and quickly with Total Lift Off, deeply cleanse and nourish with Creamy Deep Cleanser, then refine and hydrate with Rosewater Tonic.

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How it works for you

Gentle Makeup Remover - Total Lift Off

Infused with Rose Otto and a botanical derived from Meadowfoam Seed Oil, our sulphate-free micellar water-style cleanser gently dissolves makeup. Our mild formula won't sting the eyes, so it's especially great for mascara and eyeliner.

Cleanser - Creamy Deep Cleanser

Double cleansing helps keep skin hydrated and smooth. With Sweet Almond Oil and natural Beeswax our rich lotion cleanser removes all impurities while softening and moisturising. Giving your skin an instant and long-lasting radiance, Creamy Deep Cleanser is the perfect medium to indulge in a spot of facial massage, too.

Toner - Rosewater Tonic

Our ultra-mild, alcohol-free rose toner removes any cleansing residue and keeps skin clear and calm, while delivering long-lasting hydration


After following our cleansing ritual, your skin will feel clean, soft, and hydrated. Over time you'll notice flakiness and rough patches are completely gone, breakouts are minimised, and you need to use less moisturiser.

Product Details

Cleansing Collection RRP £110 comprises Total Lift Off 250ml Creamy Deep Cleanser 250g Rosewater Tonic 250ml. Products worth £128 if purchased individually.

Made in England. Suitable for all skin types. Sulphate-free, denat. alcohol-free, paraben-free. Never tested on animals.

How to apply

In the evening

All skin types will benefit from the following 3 step cleansing routine:

  1. On a cotton pad, use Total Lift Off to cleanse away eye makeup
  2. Massage a 10p amount of Creamy Deep Cleanser into skin and remove with a cotton pad
  3. On a cotton pad, sweep Rosewater Tonic across lashes and face

Oily skin types should use Total Lift Off on the face as well for gently boosted exfoliation and skin renewal.

In the morning

Simply refresh and renew skin with Rosewater Tonic on a cotton pad. It's essential to remove the residue of sleep and your evening skincare products and promote overall brightness.


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