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Rose Otto



Hydrating, smoothing, softening

The flowers of the Damask Rose are renowned for their fine fragrance, and the petals are even edible! The essential oil used in our make-up, extracted in the traditional way by steam distilling thousands of rose petals from Europe's finest growing region - Bulgaria - is a refined, liquid extraction of fragrant compounds from the fresh blossom. These are harvested early in the day before the sun can release their tiny amounts of fragile volatile oils. Rose Otto obtained in this way is a true essential oil, distinct from Rose Absolute or Rose De Mai, which are extracted with chemical solvents.

There are many therapeutic benefits of Rose Otto in skincare, with researchers noting antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, bactericidal, cicatrisant (scar-minimising) properties to name but a few.

At Cosmetics à la Carte we love Rose Otto for its excellent emollient and hydrating properties, which helps the skin to stay soft and properly moisturised, avoiding dryness and dehydration. Soothing and hydrating, the Damask Rose is especially beneficial for dry, sensitive skin.

Rose Otto also has a host of anti-ageing beneficial affects on the skin and helps to promote a youthful and even complexion with good tone and elasticity.

In certain studies, the inhalation of the natural scent of Rose Otto has also been shown to promote feelings of relaxation, while application to the skin has been shown to reduce blood pressure and autonomic arousal, and lead to feelings of calm.