My Perfect Match Foundation


This is our unique service to create make-up that matches your skin perfectly. For tinted moisturiser and foundation that look flawless and enhance your natural, individual beauty.

What does bespoke mean?

Bespoke means we mix shades and textures of makeup to get the perfect fit for your natural skin tone and type. It’s something that professional makeup artists do every day for their VIP clients. With us, you are the VIP! So instead of choosing from 20 shades, you can choose from 1000s. If you have always felt makeup looked fake, orange or ashen on your skin, come and see us.

How do I know Cosmetics A La Carte makeup is right for my skin?

All our products are designed to “let skin be skin”. Gentle and breathable, they are free from harsh chemicals. We have 6 different base formulas which range from full coverage to tinted moisturiser, and from moisturising to oil-free, and from fluid to cream to mineral powder.

What happens in the consultation?

Our makeup artists assess your skin type and the finish you want and recommend the best formula for you. They can combine two or more formulas to optimise the look and feel to get it exactly right for your blend. Skincare benefits can include moisturisers, shine control, age-supporting active ingredients and SPF protection. The result? High-performing bases for all skin types including combination skin, mature skin, dry skin, and acne-prone skin.

Our makeup artists will ask questions about your skin type and the look you want to achieve. They suggest some options for you to try, creating them on a palette right in front of you. They cleanse away any makeup you are wearing and test the sample on your face. Our lighting is specially designed to mimic natural daylight and ensure the most accurate match. There are no machines, only years of training, expertise and a passion for perfection. Every one of our team is professionally qualified and experienced.

How long does it take?

The in-store consultation usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. When you are happy with the blend, we mix a full size while you watch. If you choose a compact or mineral foundation, these are made at our London lab and delivered within 48 hours.

How much does it cost?

A 1-1 Bespoke Blending Consultation with our makeup artist in-store at our Chelsea studio is free but we do recommend booking an appointment to avoid waiting. This includes a 5-day sample to take home and try if you are not sure. A full-size bespoke blend is £60 the first time you order, and whenever you need a top-up. You can reorder your blend anytime, anywhere in the world.

Here's a glimpse at one person's bespoke blending experience!