My Perfect Match Foundation


If you’ve spent countless hours hunting for your perfect match foundation, and wasting money on make-up that still isn't right, you’re in the right place!

Our legendary personalised and expert bespoke service helps you find your perfect skin-true match as quickly and easily as possible.

It all starts with a Bespoke Blending appointment at our Chelsea Boutique. Bespoke blending is something that professional makeup artists do every day for their VIP clients. With us, you are the VIP! So instead of choosing from 20 shades, you can choose from 1000s. Never again a base that's too cakey, too orange, too ashen, or anything less than perfect.

Here's a glimpse at one person's experience!


How To Get Your Perfect Match

Book a Bespoke Blending Appointment at the boutique at a convenient time of your choosing. It's just 30 minutes, totally free of charge. 

What happens in the session?

Our makeup artist will analyse your skin type, and discuss the level of coverage, look, feel and benefits you want out of your ideal base. Skincare benefits can include moisturisers, shine control, age-supporting active ingredients and SPF protection.

Whatever your skin type, whether you have combination skin, or mature, dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin, we can suggest a beautiful, high-performing base for you.

Our artist will suggest several relevant options from among the wide range of shades in our ready-to-wear collection or, depending on your needs, combine these base shades to create a unique bespoke blend, just for you, that ticks all the boxes.

You can trial each one on your skin, judging how it looks against our high tech lighting modules, and against natural daylight. We don't use machines, only years of training, expertise and a passion for perfection. Our makeup artists have honed their skills on thousands of clients and know colour inside out. So you can be sure of getting the perfect match, quickly.

How Long Does It Take?

Although it can be even quicker, we allow up to 30 minutes to give us time to try multiple samples and allow the products to develop on the skin.

Once your perfect match is found, take it home with you or take away a free sample to road test the match for a few days.


When Is My Blend Ready?

With our fluid formulas, we can make the full size while you wait. With powder and cream formulas, our lab will need to make your formula and send it out to you, but the longest you’ll have to wait is 48 hours.

Order and reorder ready to wear and bespoke shades easily online, or via telephone mail order. We’ll have your blend on file, so don’t worry if you can’t remember the shade.

How much does it cost?

A 1-1 Bespoke Blending Consultation with our makeup artist in-store at our Chelsea studio is free but we do recommend booking an appointment to avoid waiting. This includes a 5-day sample to take home and try if you are not sure.

A full-size bespoke blend is £70 the first time you order, and whenever you need a top-up. You can reorder your blend anytime, anywhere in the world.

I’m nervous about taking my makeup off, can you do a bespoke blend using just a swatch on my hand?

The most natural match can, in our experience, only be found with testing on the skin of your face. Please be assured we are a friendly, judgement-free bunch of makeup artists who just want to help! Our boutique is quiet and private, not like a department store or hair salon. A private room is also available on request.

Can I reapply the rest of my makeup afterwards?

Yes. Our artists will also offer to help you finish your look with our other products, so you walk out looking and feeling great.

I don’t live in London, can I get a bespoke blend foundation or concealer?

Bespoke blending cannot be done at a distance, but we have a great range of beautiful ready to wear blends available to sample online, across all our formulas. Purchase our foundation sample set (see below) and redeem the cost against your first full size purchase.

Can I still get a bespoke foundation if I’m allergic to certain ingredients?

Absolutely. Please just give us specific information about your concerns when you come in, such as ingredients you must avoid, so our recommendations in your consultation will exclude them.

If you are allergic to an ingredient commonly included in our formulations, we will consult with our lab team on the possibility of offering you a reformulated product without the offending ingredient (price quoted separately)

What happens if I forget my bespoke blend?

We store your bespoke blend on file, so you don’t need to remember it. When you reorder online just put your name in the blend box. If there is any problem, we will contact you before sending it out.

What happens if I don’t like my blend when I get home?

According to our Satisfaction Guarantee, we offer a refund on unopened products, and an exchange or credit note on products you have opened, as long as you notify us within 30 days of purchase and return the item to us. Read more here >>