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My Dream Lipstick


Create the lip colour of your dreams with our bespoke blended lipstick and lip gloss.

It’s an incredible feeling to find the ‘one true red’ or ‘perfect nude’ that harmonises with your skin tone and expresses your unique beauty. If none of the 100+ shades in our ready-to-wear collection are quite right, join us at the Chelsea boutique for a bespoke blending experience.

Your Dream Lipstick Experience

Visit us at our Chelsea boutique for a free Bespoke Lipstick Blending session with our expert make-up artist. They discuss what you want to achieve and mix across our ready-to-wear lipstick collection to create different shades and textures.

You trial each sample our artist creates, comparing how it looks against our innovative lighting modules and natural daylight, taking pictures if you like. 

When you are happy with your match, it's time to name it! We always suggest giving thought to the name ahead of the session to make it extra special to you. Then we send instructions to our lab to create a full-size finished version of your blend so you can wear your perfect shade every day. We will deliver it to you in a beautiful presentation box, along with complimentary lip care samples.

Your bespoke shade is £80 the first time you create it, and £68 any time you wish to re-order it.

Book Your Bespoke Blending Session Here >>


What happens if I forget my bespoke blend?

We store your bespoke blend on file, so you don’t need to remember it. When you reorder online just put your name in the blend box. If there is any problem, we will contact you before sending.

What happens if I don’t like my blend when I get home?

According to our Satisfaction Guarantee, we offer an exchange on products you have opened, within 30 days of purchase.

Do I need to bring anything to the blending session?

You don't need to have something to match to, but depending on your desires, you may wish to create a moodboard in advance or show us a photo or a swatch of fabric, but this is not necessary. We have matched to nail varnish, handbags and clothes, and even to someone’s convertible car!

I don’t live in London, can I get a bespoke blend lipstick?

Creating a new shade without reference to an existing colour cannot be done at a distance, but we have a great range of beautiful ready to wear shades available to sample online, across all our formulas. Purchase our lipstick sample set (see below) and redeem the cost against your first full size purchase. Scroll down for information on matching to a discontinued shade, for which you have a sample available.

Recreating A Discontinued Lipstick


In Person

The quickest way to match a discontinued favourite is to book a Bespoke Blending appointment at the 192 Pavilion Road boutique.

Bring your discontinued lipstick with you to the appointment to guide our artist in blending our shades together to get the closest possible match.

Instructions are then sent to our lab to create a full-size finished version of your blend, which will then be posted out to you, ready for you to wear with confidence. If you recreate a discontinued lipstick using Bespoke Blending, your first lipstick is £80, and any repeat orders are £68.

At A Distance

If you cannot make it to London, we offer a remote matching service from our lab. This takes longer because you have to sample the options on your lips to test if they are right, and feed back to our lab for amendments.

For this process we charge £260 for 2 full-sized finished lipsticks.

First of all we ask for a non-refundable £100 deposit to begin the process. This includes up to 3 rounds of sampling and feedback by post

The remaining £160 is due once you are happy and want to receive your 2 full-sized lipsticks. Future repeats of the same blend are £68 each. To make an enquiry about our remote matching service please email [email protected]

Important notes:

  • Please note we cannot match a product using a formula, product name or photograph.
  • You must meet the costs of sending us the initial product sample to match to. We strongly recommend Tracked delivery options to ensure it does not get lost.
  • We return your sample at the end of the process, whether you decide to order the lipsticks or not.
  • Please be aware that we cannot change the fundamental ingredients that our lipsticks are made of, so there may ultimately be some variation in feel/texture from the original, but Bespoke Blending is still the all-time best and quickest way to bring a favourite colour back to life.