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Bespoke Lipstick Blending

A fun, creative session to create the lipstick or gloss of your dreams. We also match discontinued favourites.

30 minutes, free of charge. Finished bespoke product £68.

Walk-ins welcome but do book ahead to ensure availability.

What To Expect

In your consultation with our artist, you first discuss what shade and finish you want to achieve. Then, our artist mixes across our ready-to-wear lipstick collection to create different sample options.

You trial each sample our artist creates, comparing how it looks against our innovative lighting modules and natural daylight, taking pictures if you like.

When you are happy with your match, you choose a name for it. Then we send instructions to our lab to create a full-size finished version of your blend so you can wear your perfect shade every day. This is despatched in 48 hours (longer for overseas). Your bespoke shade is £68 the first time you create it, and any time you wish to re-order it.