The Glow System

Simple Steps To More Illuminated Skin With Author & Makeup Artist Nadira V Persaud

Makeup artist Nadira V Persaud takes a truly holistic approach to beauty. With an international professional portfolio spanning Vogue to You Magazine, Nadira has written a book encapsulating her lifetime of complexion know-how.

"Press Here: Face Workouts For Beginners" published by Quarto Knows shares simple, effective face workouts to feel more energized, de-stress, and maintain a toned and firm facial structure without the use of specialized equipment.

Nadira created this sequence of face workouts from the book with her top 5 Cosmetics A La Carte skincare heroes. The Glow System is the perfect way to boost radiance, restore skin and recharge your skin and mind.

Creamy Deep Cleanser £36
This rich, conditioning cleansing lotion not only cleanses but gives wonderful "slip" to do Nadira's exercise The Complexion Enhancer.
Rosewater Tonic £38
Soothing and calming, this gentle tonic removes any residue and hydrates the skin.
Rose Hydramist £25

Add an extra burst of hydration in a convenient spritz bottle, wonderful for a moment of calm on the go. The perfect prep for the Pinch & Hold: Cheeks exercise

Skin Comfort £48
Restore and bring long lasting glow to the skin with this buttery rich cream, before trying the Relax sequence: Cheeks, Brows and Forehead.
Rose Dew £48
Prep and prime the skin for the day ahead and accompany our cult favourite award winner with Nadira's Gentle Face Pinch
Glow System Collection £125

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