Redness Solutions For Rosacea

The right make-up can make such a big difference to the appearance of rosacea - and to our confidence.

It's estimated that rosacea affects as many as 1 in 10 UK women. We’ve drawn on Lynne's years of experience to compile our best tips and suggestions for an even complexion.

What is rosacea?

It's a long-term skin condition with several sub-types that can lead to a combination of the following symptoms: persistent redness and inflamed-looking skin, visible blood vessels, red bumps and whiteheads, and bumpy, rough skin.

What causes rosacea?

The cause is unknown. It's not contagious or to do with poor hygiene. It runs in families, but there isn't an identifiable genetic link. The common skin mite Demodex folliculorum is theorized as a cause, since people with rosacea have around 10 times the number of mites on their skin as other people, but the exact mechanisms are still poorly understood. 

We do know that rosacea is worsened by a variety triggers in our diet (caffeine, alcohol and spicy food) and does not tend to respond well to oil-based cosmetics, denatured alcohol, the SLS/SLES in foaming cleansers, fragrance or certain botanical extracts. All our recommendations steer clear of these ingredients.

Sun Protection

Although getting a tan will make rosacea look less obvious, UV light does make rosacea worse. So do protect your skin, either with an oil-free sunscreen or simply with the mineral protection inherent in all makeup.

Important Note

Our suggestions are limited to the cosmetic concealment of rosacea. Only a GP or dermatologist can work from within to tackle the root causes with prescriptions and laser treatment, and we do recommend you look into that option if rosacea is bothering you.


Our Recommendations For Rosacea

Sheer Balancing Foundation


Good news: just because you have redness, you don’t necessarily need full camouflage coverage all over. For the most natural effect, go for a sheer, oil-free base like Sheer Balancing Foundation, then tackle areas of redness with a concealer.

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Skin Veil Perfector

If your rosacea has led to noticeable bumps or roughness, swap out the foundation for our lightly tinted mousse Skin Veil. This will noticeably improve smoothness, instantly, while lending a subtle tint to the skin.

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Perfect Cover Concealer


On top of your sheer base, target areas of redness with our Perfect Cover Concealer. Oil-free and super-pigmented, it will conceal redness and thread veins effectively and still melt into skin.

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This image shows before and after application of Sheer Balancing Foundation Fresco, and Perfect Cover Fresco.

Undercover "Mint"

Redness SOS

If your redness is any deeper than our model's, add an extra step for a flawless finish.

Apply a light layer of stretchy, hydrating Undercover "Mint" to cleansed skin to colour correct, then apply foundation and a skin-toned shade of concealer.


A blusher that’s too pink is best avoided by those with rosacea, but peach tones will look healthy and ensure redness is downplayed. Always apply high on the apples of your cheeks, away from your nose and mouth where natural flushing tends to occur.

Blush Touch "Whisper"
Blush Touch "Whisper" is the ideal choice for fair skin tones. Sheer and buildable, it's easy to apply for a natural hint of peachy tint.


Sunkissed tones will minimise the appearance of redness, but for fair skin tones it’s vital to choose a tone that’s not too orange either.

Matte Bronzing Powder "Biscuit"
Matte Bronzing Powder "Biscuit" creates a gentle natural tan. Go one shade deeper with "Freckle".
Silk Touch Gold


An instant complexion saviour for all-over redness is a lightly golden powder – Silk Touch Gold is used by makeup artists in TV and Film to hush high colour, invisibly. It’s very sheer and light and suitable for all pale to medium skin tones. Dust lightly with integral half moon brush and watch your complexion gain new clarity.

Our skin is deeply personal. If you would like more personalised suggestions, find the best shade for you, or have any questions, do get in touch over email. Please attach a photo for the most accurate recommendations!