Little Luxuries That Make Us Feel Good

When we're feeling down or otherwise not at our best, it can be uplifting and mood-boosting to engage in some self-care. Beauty rituals can be a lovely form of self-care, giving comfort and pleasure when everything else seems in chaos.

Originally developed during the 2020 covid-19 lockdown, these little luxuries can be trusted to bring a little silver lining to a gloomy day.

Triple Cleanse

Remove makeup from face and eyes with Total Lift Off, deeply purify with Creamy Deep Cleanser, and finally rinse with Rosewater Tonic. 

As well as ensuring all impurities are removed, this will leave the skin dewy and moisturised, with its pH rebalanced. The result is a calmer, soothed complexion.

Watch the Triple Cleanse in action in our Evening Skincare Ritual

Serum Mask

In the morning or the evening, apply a double dose of Superglow Serum (roughly two 5p pieces).

Give your face a gentle massage, then allow a good fifteen minutes for the product to truly sink in. Your skin will be radiant, smooth and super-hydrated.

Double Rose Skin Prep

Before applying your makeup in the morning, blend a drop of Radiance Restoring Rose Oil with your Rose Dew Primer. This will supercharge the glow factor and envelop you in the soothing natural scent of Rose Otto, which in several studies has been shown to have a calming effect on your parasympathetic nervous system.

Allow 10-15 minutes to sink in before going onto the next step, and take this time to read a book or magazine, meditate or perhaps simply sip on a cup of tea and gaze out the window.