Spilanthes Extract



Anti-ageing, smoothing

Spilanthes is an astringent, tonic flowering herb that has long been used as a traditional medicinal remedy in several parts of the world. For example, an infusion of the leaves and flowers was used as a remedy for toothache, thanks to the presence of an analgesic alkylamide called spilanthol.

In skincare, it is used for its muscle relaxing - or myorelaxant - properties, helping to block the muscle contractions that lead to wrinkles or expression lines. A recent in vivo study reported a "noticeable improvement/reduction in all analysed skin wrinkle parameters"

As such it is considered a natural alternative to Botox, encouraging smoother looking skin with the appearance of wrinkles minimised.

It has a fully reversible effect over 24 hours but you can expect an interesting cumulative effect when used daily. We use Spilanthes/Acmella in two of our core skincare products - our Superglow Serum, and Hydrasmooth Night Cream, which form part of our recommended Evening Ritual.

Photo credit www.chestnutherbs.com