The Quickest Way To Look Healthy

The Beauty Of Blusher

A pop of blusher is the quickest and easiest way to create a fresh, “you-look-well” look. Our Founder Lynne Sanders shares her 4 top tips for a beautifully healthy finish.

Bare Blush "Orchid"

1. Keep It Clear & Peachy

For a fresh and youthful effect, go for a clear-toned blusher on the cheeks . The most flattering hues in winter are peachy pastels, which counteract the blue-grey light. This season it’s all about Bare Blush “Orchid”, a favourite of our artists and designer Sophie Stanbury.

Blush Touch "Whisper"

2. Cream or Powder?

Cream blush is very popular for creating a beautifully dewy finish, but it does need careful blending. So if you want an extra-speedy solution, consider mineral Blush Touch, micro-milled by hand in our London labs with generous pigment levels for a natural finish and effortless application.

Blush Touch “Whisper” is a muted peach that cannot be over-done, even on complexions that are looking very pale and wintry.

Blush Touch "Magnolia"
Medium to tan skin tones will enjoy a beautiful healthy effect from warm peach Blush Touch “Magnolia”
Glow Highlighting Powder "Shell Pink"
Add a youthful radiance as well as a flattering hint of colour with Glow Highlighting Powder “Shell Pink”. This bestseller is perfectly pitched to counteract sallow tones all year round.

3. Focus On Cheekbones

Steer clear of colour on the apples of your cheeks; instead apply blusher on your cheekbones and sweep outwards. This will avoid the area where we naturally flush, and look fresh and pretty. What's more, blending blusher on the cheekbones gives flattering shape and structure to your face.

4. Harmonize Your Look

Boost the overall effect of health and wellness with a nifty trick - smudging your blusher into your eyelid crease. Harmonizing your cheek colour with your eyes is not only on-trend, but it also subtly brightens and lifts your whole complexion.

Blending Brush
You can simply use your fingertips to do this but it’s even easier with our Blending Brush.