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Beauty Tips For Teens


Our team shares their expertise on the specific needs of teenage skin.

Teenagers are so naturally beautiful, but a careful skincare regime should always be the first step to give their complexion an advantage into their 20s and beyond.

Choose cleansing lotions, or micellar waters, which remove impurities but also moisturise, followed by a hydrating and soothing rinse such as our Rosewater Tonic

Exfoliate gently two to three times a week to guard against breakouts. Unless recommended by a doctor, choose natural over acid-based facial scrubs as these can cause sensitivity.

We recommend the same cleansing routine for boys, though they may prefer a different fragrance. It is also crucial to keep razors sharp, and phone screens clean to prevent bacteria entering pores.

Eyebrows are a key feature of anyone’s face and it is often what teenagers experiment with first. Experiencing professional eyebrow maintenance early on, such as threading or shaping, is a superb way to learn without risking over-plucking. It is hugely helpful for fair-haired teens to learn how to draw in otherwise invisible eyebrows with a pencil or ink, such as our award-winning Brow Ink.

Experimenting with make-up is tremendous fun, but there are some basic principles which we can teach from the outset. Knowing these skills enables young people to choose when to make a statement or to perfect a natural look. is generates valuable confidence as they go on into higher education and work.

Young complexions benefit from light, oil-free products to minimise blocked pores. An oil-free light foundation such as Sheer Balancing corrects redness, hydrates and protects the skin with mineral SPF. Using a foundation brush or sponge will ensure light application and the most natural appearance.

A light-reflective, sheer concealer such as Secret Light downplays the dark circles caused by exams. A higher pigment concealer like Undercover can tackle breakouts on the face. For persistent problems like acne, always go to a dermatologist.

Wearing make-up is still possible, but choose oil- and preservative-free formulas like Matte Mineral Foundation.

For a polished yet age-appropriate look, try a wash of colour across the eyelid, offset with a statement line along the lashes. Light pastels with a subtle shimmer such as our Luminous Cream Shadow in Shell (shown in picture) or Breeze, paired with a dark grey or brown pencil, work well for both brown and blue eyes. Sheer Balm lipsticks are ideal pairings, which enhance features without ageing the look. You could be adventurous with a bright liner such as Luminous Cream Shadow in Dragonfly. Or wear a dark grey or black flick and mascara with a pretty pink gloss such as Sheer Brilliance in Lychee

What make-up to wear, for teens and adults alike, is ultimately a choice for the individual, which is why we offer a bespoke service and all Cosmetics à la Carte products can be flawlessly blended to match the individual’s unique skin colour and tone, avoiding embarrassing mistakes and enhancing natural beauty.

The Head Start lesson is designed specifically around the needs of younger people and gives them a chance to learn about make-up application, discover the looks that suit their skin tones and colourings and above all, feel great about the way they look.