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VIDEO Natural Zoom Call Makeup

Feel confident for that video call with a few simple makeup tricks!

In this video tutorial our MUA Amy creates a natural, camera-ready look that works splendidly in real life too.

Camera lenses wash us out and flatten our features, so we need to use a little more colour and definition than usual.

Look out for how Amy repurposes blush and bronzer for natural, defined eye makeup!

Rose Dew Primer £52

Amy applies our cult favourite Rose Dew to give skin a fresh glow and ensure the foundation that follows is as flawless as possible.

Sheer Balancing Foundation Goldhoney £52

A light, oil-free base in Amy's shade for normal to combination skin types that feels super-comfortable and leaves a beautifully even, fresh complexion.

Secret Light Vanilla £34

Secret Light helps build coverage on areas of greater redness, and reduces signs of tiredness around the eyes, without leaving a cakey finish. Amy's concealer match is Vanilla.

Blush Touch Amber £48

This deeper peachy tone is perfect for Amy's goldhoney complexion, giving a hush of natural blush that can be built up to the desired intensity.

For a super-quick and effective touch the camera loves, blend the same shade across the eyelid. This will add to the overall warm healthy glow and compensate for the way cameras tend to drain us of colour. 

Matte Bronzing Powder Savannah £48

Savannah is Amy's perfect match bronzer and contour shade. This matte formula won't create flash back and will look very natural. Apply to cheekbones and temples to help give the face beautiful structure, counteracting the camera's tendency to flatten our features.

For a super simple and natural defining flourish to the eyes, use the bronzer in the crease to add depth and help make your eyes pop.

Powder Brush £39
For easy, smooth dispersal of powder blusher and bronzer, look no further than our fluffy Powder Brush. Short-handled for easy application on oneself and fits conveniently into your makeup bag.
Blending Brush £32
This must-have eyeshadow brush is fluffy but carefully tapered to your natural eye shape, and will make creating an even, sheer wash of well-blended colour truly effortless.
Eyeliner Noir £30

Eyeliner really is crucial for effective definition on camera. Sometimes black can be too strong in real life, but for our phones and laptops, it makes our eyes pop. This super smooth liner is easy to apply without additional tools and lasts all day.

Intense Volume Mascara £30

Long lashes define and open up the eyes. Amy goes for full drama in this tutorial as this can look better on camera, but you can choose to go as subtle as you like with our award-winning mascara.

Moisture Plus Lipstick "Salmon" £32

The most naturally flattering lip definition for the camera comes from a more intense version of your natural lip colour. For Amy, this is Salmon.

It also makes application super easy, with no need to worry about a neat lip line!

Sheer Brilliance Gloss in Soho £30

This stunning holographic gloss is fab for the camera because it makes lips look fresher and fuller, plus this shade goes over any pink or peach toned lipstick.