Softening, moisturising, long-lasting, protective.

Lanolin is truly one of nature's wonder ingredients. It is a naturally derived emollient that is extracted from the wool of living sheep. Sheep do not need to be harmed in any way to obtain it.

It is the wax coating the wool that produces Lanolin, designed by nature to soften both skin and wool fibres, and to protect them against adverse weather conditions.

In humans it acts as an easily absorbed emollient and occlusive moisturiser, which in a recent study reduced trans-epidermal water loss by up to 20-30%.

By holding moisture in the skin, it can help improve the smoothness and the appearance of skin.

Lanolin's protective function includes antimicrobial and disinfectant activity.

It has wonderful staying power and will remain on your skin longer than other oils, and we consistently find it's great for helping dry, cracked and irritated skin.

For a long time it was believed that Lanolin could provoke an adverse allergic reaction in some people, but further research has shown that this is due to the wool alchohols in less refined Lanolin, when using correctly refined products as we do, sensitivity is extremely low.

Photo credit: Photo by Heinz Leitner, c/o