Helpful Cleansing Do's & Don'ts


Removing makeup and cleansing the skin well is crucial to skin health and hydration. It's also easier than it might seem!

Read on for a handy guide on

  1. How to spot when your cleansing routine needs a rethink
  2. Which cleansing methods to avoid
  3. How the Cosmetics à la Carte recommended cleansing routine supports glowing, healthy skin.

Our tips have been amassed by the Cosmetics à la Carte team over years of formulating skincare products and helping clients - and are echoed up by top dermatologists and the latest research.

Signs Cleansing Isn't Working

1. White bumps on the skin

These so-called milia often signal occlusion (aka blocked pores)

2. Skin feels dry and flaky even though you moisturise

This indicates a need for exfoliation and skin renewal

3. Regular breakouts even into midlife

Again this points to occlusion

Please note if breakouts are combined with redness on the cheeks please consult a dermatologist as you may be experiencing a form of rosacea

Cleansing Don'ts - Things To Avoid

1. Makeup wipes

Not only bad for the environment, they strip away your skin's natural oils and lead to dehydration. The chemicals used to preserve the wipes can also lead to sensitisation.

2. Washing your face with hot water

This also strips away natural oils with a dehydrating effect, while dilating your blood vessels, exacerbating redness. Water itself is essential for cleansing - but make it lukewarm.

3. Foaming cleansers

If it foams, it might be Sulphates. While these are highly effective cleansing agents - and used in washing up liquid for this reason! - they're also very alkaline and push your skin to a dehydrated extreme.

4. Cleansers containing Alcohol

Denatured alcohol may feel refreshing, but it completely undermines your skin's natural barrier. Once ubiquitous, now widely accepted by experts as far too harsh, yet still found in too many products.

Our Recommended Routine

Designed to make cleansing well as easy as 1, 2, 3. And - along with all other Cosmetics à la Carte products - totally free from Sulphates and Alcohol.


Total Lift Off

Removes makeup from the face, eyes and lashes without stinging or drying, while encouraging skin renewal. This micellar water acts like a mild "glow tonic" which gently exfoliates and promotes brighter, clearer skin.

Apply with: a cotton pad or washable bamboo pad


Creamy Deep Cleanser

Cleanses away final traces of longwear makeup and pollution from the face. With an emollient action, this rich liquid balm also softens, smooths and delivers moisture to the skin, thanks to natural Beeswax and Sweet Almond Oil.

Apply with: a cotton pad or fingertips. Remove with a flannel or muslin cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Don't use any cream-based cleanser around the eyes as it can disrupt your protective tear fluid.


Rosewater Tonic

Removes product residue that could occlude the skin, and rebalances the skin's pH to promote a healthy skin barrier. It also delivers moisture-magnet humectants and soothes thanks to natural Aloe Vera and Rose Otto.

Apply with: a cotton pad or washable bamboo pad


The Cleansing Collection

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