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Winter Skincare Tips


We asked our founder Lynne Sanders for her recommendations on the best skincare to see your skin through the cold season, beautifully. makes it easy.

Why does skin feel dry in the winter?

"Even in the relatively humid climate of the UK, there is less moisture in the air at lower temperatures and what natural oil you have can be removed by the wind. Once inside, central heating encourages evaporation without replacing any moisture. Both make your skin feel dry and tight, and can make it look flaky, red and chapped."

What is the best moisturiser for the cold weather?

"Skin Comfort Repair Cream is my absolute winter favourite. I created it to be a one-stop lifesaver, that was rich and yet refreshing. Natural wonder-ingredients Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter deliver moisture, then Lanolin keeps it there, preventing chapping. Antioxidants Green Tea and Echinacea and pro-collagen peptides ensure the skin is actively fortified. Use it at night, in the morning, on your hands and face, and you’ll instantly notice the difference."



Combine this in your routine with Radiance Restoring Rose Oil, a deeply restorative “triple rose” face oil that transforms dry and troubled skin. This brightening elixir reduces redness and inflammation, while improving the appearance of scarring and facial pigmentation for a rebalanced, beautiful complexion.

What about my lips?

"Chapped lips are very frustrating, especially if you love lipstick. Firstly, it’s essential to check the ingredients of your lip products to ensure they don’t contain mineral oils or silica. These cause dehydration, making damage worse. When I created our lipsticks, I was determined we shouldn’t have to choose between colour and skincare. So I used natural vegetable oils, and put some of my favourite skincare benefits into our colourful, preservative-free lipsticks. But for deep nourishment without tint I created Rose Hydrabalm with soothing, restorative rose essential oil as well as naturally protective beeswax."

"Choose the right moisturisers, but it’s very important to also avoid sulphate-based detergents in winter. Glycerine soaps are far kinder. Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphates (SLS and SLES) strip the skin of oils so effectively, that over the course of several hand-washes our hands are left defenceless. At Cosmetics à la Carte we avoid sulphates in all our products for this reason."