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The Concern: I Have Patches Of Redness.

Our solution: Choose light coverage like Sheer Balancing Foundation all over and layer it on problem areas.


You don’t need to choose full coverage all over if you don’t want to. Simple layering with a cosmetic sponge or brush in targeted areas is enough.

Redness can often occur on combination skin, so an oil-free yet moisturising option like Sheer Balancing Foundation is the best option to ensure you avoid shine.

The Concern: I Have Dull Skin.

Our solution: Combine your moisturiser, sunscreen and make-up in one with a nourishing light formula like Radiance Tinted Moisturiser.


Dull skin can often be helped by exfoliation, but it is also important not to overload skin with multiple products. These can build up and prevent your skin’s natural renewal cycle. Radiance Tinted Moisturiser is enriched with broad spectrum SPF and Coconut Oil, so it does the job of 3 products in 1 and leaves you with a naturally radiant complexion that simply glows with health

The Concern: I Have Shiny Skin With Visible Pores.

Our solution: Choose oil-free hydrating makeup like Flawless Foundation that gently mattifies, and smooths.

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Naturally oil skin benefits from an oil-free formula. Flawless Foundation is infused with hyaluronic acid, so skin gets hydration without the shine! Microsphere technology also retexturizes the surface of the skin, blurring and minimising the appearance of pores and keeping a fresh matte appearance for longer. Help your skin stay matte with an oil-free primer like Matte Miracle, and by avoiding rich moisturisers in your morning routine, as they break down any foundation.

The Concern: I Have Pigmentation.

Our solution: Use a high pigment colour-correcting concealer on your problem areas. Follow with medium coverage like Firm and Glow Foundation.


Pigmentation is generally caused by hormonal changes and exposure to UV light, and can present at any time of life. But, it becomes more likely as we age. The temptation is to hide them with full coverage, but this can look very cakey on thinner, drier, mature complexions. Instead, use a thin layer of colour-correcting pigment-rich concealer like Perfect Cover Peach or Nectar on your problem areas, then apply medium glowy coverage like Firm and Glow all over. This will also plump the skin subtly and leave it as soft as velvet.