Winter Beauty Boosts

We share our simple tips for a healthier look in moments.

During the winter months our summer tan fades, leaving us paler and more tired-looking than usual. A few simple touches of colour can make all the difference in moments. Tutorial by artist and educator @makeupbyhollyspencer.


Warming Winter Sun

Bronzer will transform your complexion with healthy colour. Shimmer-free Matte Bronzing Powder is great for a warm, healthy look in the winter as it has a very natural finish and is silky and easy to blend and build.

Our makeup artists recommend applying with a Powder Brush along and slightly into the hairline and jawline, under the cheekbones, with any excess over the bridge of the nose.

"Biscuit" £46
Choose "Biscuit" to subtly warm up the lightest skin tones.
"Freckle" £46
Choose "Freckle" to bring back memories of summer for medium to tan skin tones
"Savannah" £46
Choose "Savannah" to define tan to deep skin tones


Brightening Blusher

Blusher is as effective a mood-booster as the fresh air and exercise it evokes! Fresh rosy tones are great for the grey light of winter.

Apply mineral Blush Touch with a Powder Brush outwards and upwards from your cheekbones for a lifted effect that avoids looking "flushed".

Then with a fingertip, pop some of your blusher on the crease of your eyelid - it's a tiny and couldn't-be-easier touch that multiplies the rosiness of the overall look.

"Blush" £46
"Blush" is a clear true pink for light to medium skin tones
"Rose" £46
"Rose" is a duskier option for medium to tan skin tones, giving a beautiful sheen
"Coral " £46
Peachy rose "Coral" will transform tan to deep skin tones


Wide-Awake Eyes

Draw the light to your eyes and deflect shadows with the reflective minerals of light-loving Luminous Cream Shadow.

Simply smudge and blend these brightening rosegold-infused hues across the lid with fingertips, and into the inner corner.

"Shell" £30
Champagne pink "Shell" will magically freshen and enhance light to medium skin tones. It also doubles up as a highlighter for cheekbones and 'cupid's bow'
"Amour" £30
Customer favourite "Amour" will brighten medium to tan skin tones, for a subtle, pretty look.
"Lamé" £30
Burnished gold Lamé will enhance and lift tan to deep skin tones with a sunny glow.