The Head Start Lesson

Teen makeup lesson

Learn how to get it right from an early age in this skincare and make-up lesson for younger girls.

Absolute Beginner - 45 mins £85

Budding Expert - 1 hr 15 mins £125

Both lessons include 15% off all purchases on the day. Under 18s only.

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Lesson Outline

Skincare. Being a teenager often means unruly skin. We believe the best way to cope with this is a gentle, consistent regime of cleansing and moisturising. Starting good skincare habits will not just solve immediate concerns, but it will set them up for a lifetime of skin that looks its best, whatever their age. So our artists start with a facial cleanse, tone, and prime, and in doing so develop tailored skincare recommendations to keep skin clear and cared for now and in the future.

Concealer. As needed, we share tips for managing breakouts and redness, including how best to conceal them and put them back of mind with light and breathable cover-up.

Base. We will show them which shade and formula of base, and concealer, most closely matches their natural skin tone.

Colour. We assess skin undertone and overall colouring and illustrate which shades of makeup will look most naturally flattering. Being a teenager is the perfect time to go wild and experiment with anything and everything, but knowing their true colours from the get-go will give them the choice to curate their look intentionally.

Together with the artist, we then build a bespoke makeup look of their choice, covering eyes, lips, brows and cheeks.

For a beginner this is likely to be very natural, to merely gild the lily of natural youthful beauty. At a minimum we can expect to cover recommendations and tips for eyes, lips and cheeks.

For a budding expert, this might be more adventurous, such as a full smoky eye, which is why the session is slightly longer.

Our Method

At each step our makeup artist will illustrate the technique on one side of their face, and they complete the step on the other side of their face with support and guidance, and in their own time.

We record everything in a personal chart so they can look back and refresh their memory at any time.

They will leave wearing their new look, armed with new knowledge and confidence to choose how they present themselves, wherever life takes them.

Choose The Head Start for a teen you care about for the fast route to beauty confidence, that will last a lifetime.