The Age Of Resistance



Simple steps, hard-working ingredients, and just a couple of products are needed to keep our skin in good health and condition as we age.

Our founder, Cosmetic Scientist Lynne, created Hydrasmooth and Hydralift specifically to reduce fine lines and puffiness, and swears by them herself for daily age-resistance.

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Hydrasmooth. 30g £46 Wrinkle-reducing night cream. An amazing botanical from the Spilanthes herb gently relaxes surface muscles, smooth the skin and reduce the appearance and density of wrinkles. A peptide matrix boosts natural collagen, to firm and plump. Natural oils and shea butter lock in moisture with a light, silky finish.

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Hydralift. 15g £46. Depuffing, energising eye gel. Extracts from the bark of the ash tree improve microcirculation around the delicate eye area, for reduced puffs and less noticeable shadows. Hyaluronic moisturisers for breathable hydration. The result? Beautiful, bright eyes.

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