Pretty And Protected

pretty and protected 1

It feels good to look good, especially when the sun is out, but we all know the risks posed by sun exposure and how important it is to protect our skin.

Thankfully, staying safe doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty.

Stay pretty and protected with our sun-screening bronzer, lip protector and foundation.


Sunkiss is a hydrating, bronzing, glow-enhancing sunscreen rich in antioxidants including green tea and Echinacea. These combat the ageing free radicals that are produced when your skin is in the sun.

Wear Sunkiss on the beach, at the poolside, or during a warm summer’s evening. Or mix a small amount with your normal foundation to take it warmer as your skin changes. When used alone, it has a SPF of approximately 25 with broad spectrum UVA protection as well.

Lip Protector

Sunbalm is a lip protector with a pretty, shimmering tint in either rose pink or gilt. Together with conditioning and plumping ingredients, Sunbalm’s built-in sunscreen ensures soft, smooth and beautiful lips whatever the weather.


Moisture Tint, our lightest, powder-free tinted moisturiser, combines sun protection to approximately SPF 25 with complexion-enhancing pigments for a sheer all-over glow.

Even if you wear Skin Tint or another foundation in the winter or at work, Moisture Tint in your bespoke shade is perfect for your holiday – or whenever you’re in a holiday mood.

Alternatively wear your normal make-up like Sheer Tint, Velvet Tint or Cover Tint, with Sunstop as a primer. Sunstop is an oil-free formula rich in emollients and antioxidants and broad-spectrum sunscreen to approximately SPF 30.

With all our products, use generous amounts and reapply after swimming or playing sport, or after 4 hours in the sunshine.