Behind Our Bespoke Foundation

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Cosmetics á la Carte's founder Lynne Sanders talks about bespoke foundation.

I knew I could provide the perfect blends for all different types of skin, colour, age and taste

Bespoke blending of foundation first involves analysis of skin colour, shade and type by one of our professional make-up artists. Personal consultation is crucial to take into account a person’s taste, the translucency of their skin and any requirements they have for their make-up.

Once these details are established, we blend shades in a single formula or a mix of different formula types to achieve optimal coverage, texture and performance. Some people look for light coverage; others require something more substantial or with additional SPF protection.

Our make-up artists can usually create the perfect bespoke blend within 10 minutes or so. Our fluid foundations and concealers can be created in store, while other bespoke products, such as lipsticks, are made by our lab within 48 hours.

In each foundation formula we have 10-13 base shades, plus four pure pigment correctors. These can be mixed in any proportion, to achieve an infinite number of shades and the perfect fit for the individual.

All foundations have a base signature of white, red, yellow and black or green mineral pigments. These pigments are suspended in a mineral, cream silicone or water base with varying properties.

We avoid preservative where we can, so when products are water-free they are also preservative-free. In our water-based fluid foundations, we exclude parabens and use an innovative preservative system that is based on floral extracts, ensuring a gentle product that is kind to even sensitive skins.

Our foundations have a subtle scent, developed for us by a British perfumer. We can make foundation without fragrance as well.

Visit our boutique at 192 Pavilion Road, SW3 and let one of our make-up artists create a bespoke foundation for you. 

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