New St. Moritz Palette

Even if you are not going to make it to the slopes this year, you can still get the "fresh as mountain air" look with our new St Moritz, instant look in a palette; an expert edit of blusher, bronzer and eyeshadow.

st moritz back view

Our makeup artist Laura shows you how to achieve this fresh look in a few simple steps.

Start by cleansing and priming the skin and applying your bespoke foundation or tinted moisturiser. Prime the eyes and lids with Secret Light concealer.

1. Using a Blending Brush, apply neutral shade Matte Eye Define Beige across the lid and up to the brow.

1 Beige

2. and 3. Using a Socket Brush, apply Matte Eye Define Willow generously across the crease, building according to taste. Use the Socket Brush again to apply darker Matte Eye Define Pewter in a ‘v-shape’ at the outer crease and upper lashline.

2 + 3 Pewter outer corner FLIP

4. With a precise Shadow Brush, apply Matte Eye Define Sable along the upper and lower lashline as an eyeliner. Apply wet for a stronger statement. Then apply Divine Lash Mascara in Black.

4 Sable

5. With a firm Contour Brush, apply Matte Blush Touch Whisper below the cheekbone, and around the temples, for a subtly contoured effect.

5 Contour final

6. With a Cheek Brush, apply Shimmer Blush Touch Pink from the apples of the cheeks to the sides of the face. Blend well.

6 Blush adj

7. Again with the Cheek brush, apply highlighter Shimmer Blush Touch Starlight over the cheekbones for a radiant yet natural look.

7 Highlight

And here is the fresh finished look.

Finished look main