London Looks Nathalie

Nathalie 8

We met Nathalie, a doctoral researcher. She told us “I’m looking for makeup that works for my everyday life at university. I love makeup for being expressive and playful. I usually wear a subtle smoky eye, and use quite muted colours inspired by nature, but I’m curious to see what else would suit me. I really like the porcelain-skin look which is quite matte but still looks natural.

At the end of her session she said “I love my look, it’s really glamorous but subtly so. I could go anywhere wearing the look without feeling self-conscious, and without it being obvious that I was wearing makeup. It’s great to find this new lipstick. It has the right mauve undertones for my skin tone, a lovely comfortable matte texture, and works perfectly. I’d love to look like this every day!”

Nathalie wears Skin Velvet bespoke foundation, Cover Tint Ivory, Outliner Retro (on the lid), Damson (on the lower lashline), Eye Define Gunmetal and Cedar in the crease, Blush Touch Fawn as bronzer, Waterproof Lip Liner S’more and Lipstick Plum.