Powder Shadow

Highly pigmented, smooth, non-drop pressed eyeshadow in over 120 colours.

The 3 ways to get your ultimate eyeshadow collection

  1. 1. Select from the Eyeshadow Palettes curated by our makeup artists.
  2. 2. Create a Custom Palette with your favourite shades. Choose individual refills on the Matte Eye Define, Shimmer Eye Define, and Demi Matte Eye Define product pages. Select 2 x 2.5g Eye Define to create a Duo with our Medium Eye Define Compact or 6 x 2.5g to create a collection with our Large Eye Define Compact. The appropriately sized compact is included free of charge automatically with your purchase. Starting with even just one eyeshadow, build up your collection as fast or as slowly as you want.
  3. 3. Create a bespoke shade unique to you with Bespoke Blending. Contact our boutique to make a free appointment. Reorder anytime, anywhere.