Powder Shadow

Highly pigmented, smooth, non-drop pressed eyeshadow in over 120 ready-to-wear colours.

Crease- and fade-resistant Eye Define formula in modern mineral Matte, velvety Demi-Matte and sheer satin Shimmer.

Choose from a collection curated by our makeup artists, or design your dream compact - no unnecessary or wasted colours!

How it works

  1. Choose your colours - matte, demi-matte or shimmer.
  2. We provide the appropriately sized luxury compact free of charge. (Max. one per order. For additional compacts, visit our Accessories page to purchase)
  3. Starting with even just one eyeshadow, build up your collection as fast or as slowly as you want. Compacts may also be purchased separately.

If you cannot find the colour you want, find out more about our bespoke process here