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We can blend Lipstick, Lip Lacquer and Colour Rich liquid lipstick for the perfect colour and texture to make you look and feel wonderful.

In the bespoke blending experience, our professional make-up artists first explore your existing colour preferences and colours in your wardrobe. Fabric colours can be matched or entirely new colours developed to suit you.

Then they try several lipsticks for texture, coverage, lasting power and hydration. Then combining the best attributes and optimal colour a blend can be mixed, trialled and selected.

This blending experience is free of charge, and includes samples to trial at home if desired. The final blend is £60, and is kept on file for easy reordering.

Your lipsticks are created at our laboratory with a name of your choice and delivered to you within approximately 48 hours.

To book a bespoke lips appointment please call our boutique on 020 7259 9454 or email us at We allow 20-30 minutes for the bespoke blending experience. Come wearing make-up or without.

Give the gift of the perfect lip colour with our bespoke lips voucher.

Re-order your bespoke blend here.