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Founded in 1913, legendary British fashion house Gina Bacconi designs modern styles that flatter and enhance the female form.

Get The Look

Professional makeup artist Ian McIntosh has worked with A-listers from Keira Knightley to Helen Mirren and he has been featured in publications from Vogue to Marie Claire. We caught up with him on a shoot for Gina Bacconi's new collection and he explained how to create this easy-wearing look for any special occasion.


Rose Dew Primer £48
"I would always suggest making sure your skin is smooth and is as even as possible. By doing this any blemishes or things that stand out won’t be so noticeable, rather than going straight for a full coverage foundation I started with Cosmetics a la Carte’s Rose Dew Primer, an award winning skin smoothing hyaluronic primer."
Sheer Balancing Foundation "Vanilla" £49
"As a base I used Sheer Balancing Foundation to give a “barely there” finish which will look fresh and light. The model for Gina Bacconi wore shade "Vanilla!."
Brow Design "Taupe" £28
"One of the most important things is ‘grooming ‘, so make sure your brows are at their best by filling any gaps with Brow Design in “Taupe” just lightly and blend and brush into shape so they are soft to frame your eyes. "
Secret Light "Magnolia" £30
"My next stage was to use Secret Light in “Magnolia” on the eyelid as a base and in the corners to highlight. This colour is slightly pink and will not only even out the skin on the eyelid but also highlight brow bones and the inner corner of the eye. I love this product as it does more than one job!"
Bare Bronze £44
"My next product is Bare Bronze Cream Bronzer, to accentuate the structure of the face. Buff a little under the cheeks and across the eyes so it catches the brow bone and maybe around your forehead and a little and under the chin, keeping it light and well blended. This should start to bring your face to life and you can see what more you think you need to add."
Bare Blush "Rose" £32
"On our shoot I applied a little Bare Blush Cream Blush in “Rose”. Over the top of the cheeks, again across the eye to give a fresh glow. I love creams for a youthful glow."
Eye Velvet "Blonde" £28
"To finish the eye you can use a little Eye Velvet in “Blonde", just across the eyelid to accentuate the eye."
Intense Volume Mascara £29
"Of course, everyone needs a good mascara, so I finished off with Intense Volume Mascara making sure to lift those lashes."
Eyeliner Pencil "Mystic" £28
"If you are doing an evening or occasion look then just add pencil underneath the shadow to strengthen the look using Superwear Gel Eyeliner in “Mystic”, then apply a little Eye Velvet under the eye and some mascara to those bottom lashes to really open up the eye and give a slightly smoky look."
"Cranberry" Lipstick
"Day to day a nice lip stain is something that always works. I used Cosmetics à la Carte Moisture Plus Lipstick in “Cranberry”. A moisturising lipstick that you can just blot to give a nice natural glow to your lips."
"Neapolitan" Lip Liner
"If you’re heading out for a special occasion a little Waterproof Lip Liner in “Neapolitan”, softly smudged before the lipstick will give you a good base. Never go for dry lips this can be terribly ageing."
Silk Touch "Vanilla" £44
"A final light dusting of Silk Touch, handy compact powder that really is light as silk and doesn’t give a dry look , but will help to keep everything in place and give that perfect glow. Our model Kerry took shade “Vanilla”."