Make-Up Playtime

What To Expect

Update your beauty in this personalised, fun beauty review. Try something new, discover new products and pick up clever tips and tricks to refresh your routine.

30 mins £50 redeemable against purchase

In Make-Up Playtime, we focus on your specific questions and interests, help answer any pressing questions that you have on your mind, and show you how to change things up in a beautiful and achievable way.

Our friendly artist will always include a foundation check, and ensure you leave looking and feeling fantastic.

Make-Up Playtime is the perfect way to adapt your beauty to a new haircut, new hair colour, new wardrobe, or new season, to dabble in the latest trends with expert help, and it's the ideal pick-me-up when you’re feeling in need of a boost.

Book in for Make-Up Playtime if you’ve never been to see us before but want to see what we’re all about. Many customers also like to come in for this session at least once a year to update their look. 

What People Say

"From the moment I walked in to the store, I actually felt lifted to be honest, the girls were so sweet and caring and I felt like I was on a mini vacation." Ms Y.T.

“Before I came across Cosmetics à la Carte the purchasing of make-up was a costly and wasteful exercise. So many bottles of base tint, as well as lipsticks, blushers and pots of eye colour were thrown away because they were the wrong colour. Fortunately, that is a thing of the past... Life is so much easier, for nowadays I need only one set of make-up that I know suits me perfectly. The range of colours across all products is extensive and the quality is consistently high. Of special note are the custom-mixed tints and foundations that ensure the perfect tone is achieved for my complexion. More importantly, I have received instruction on the application of make-up, as well as advice on how to add ‘drama’ for evenings... I have no need to look elsewhere, as Cosmetics à la Carte offers a total package.” - Mrs A W

Please note, if you would like a makeup for a special occasion, please book in for a makeup service. This will ensure a proper skin prep and prime, and best results for your event. If you would like to learn the steps to create a specific look and enjoy time to practise, please book in for The Master Class for Eyes & Brows, or The Ultimate Beauty Lesson.