Spring 2020 - New Eye Velvet

New colours for eyes Spring & Summer 2020

A Pretty Pick-Me-Up

New shades of Eye Velvet make eyeshadow truly effortless. This watercolour lid tint, featured in Stella Magazine and Women's Fitness, smooths and perfects in a single sweep of sheer pastel colour, for laid-back lovely looks.

A Note From Lynne

When we created our new collection, we had London in mind, with all its bustle and colour.
But now, with all of us uprooted from normality, the Collection has taken on a different meaning for me.
By reminding me of my favourite places and happy moments, and by being an easy way to look and feel good, these colours are giving me a reason to look forward to better days ahead.
I hope it can do something positive for you, too.
Lynne x

Eye Velvet Beauty Sleep £28
Beautiful peachy nude tone of matte cream eyeshadow that colour corrects shadows around the eye area, so you look wide awake and well-rested.
Eye Velvet Afternoon Tea £28
On-trend dusky pink matte cream eyeshadow for subtle, pretty definition, inspired by long, lazy afternoons and tempting teatime treats.
Eye Velvet Gap Year £28
Rich terracotta red matte cream shadow for playful statement looks.
Eye Velvet Weekend £28
Restrained casual suede brown, the perfect choice for subtle definition in your downtime or on-the-go.
Eye Velvet Walk In The Park £28
Light khaki green matte cream eyeshadow for a pared-down look with a twist, inspired by walks in London's beautiful parks.
Eye Velvet Front Row £28
Turquoise sea-green matte cream eyeshadow for a statement look inspired by London's role as fashion capital. Gorgeous on blue and brown eyes.
Eye Velvet Night Sky £28
Inky blue matte cream eyeshadow inspired by unforgettable nights out in the capital. Gorgeous on green and brown eyes.
Eye Velvet Rebel £28
Brown-black matte cream shadow for the smudgy rock chick look in seconds.