Keep Your Cool In The Heat

woman in sun 2

With a busy calendar of social events in the summer time, the pressure is on to look our best.

But then along comes a hot day and we find ourselves heading to a special event, feeling and looking hot and flustered.

Sometimes we need a quick fix.

Our make-up artists have thought ahead, so you don't need to.

Here are their tips for keeping your cool in the heat.

Touch-up invisibly

Whatever your usual base and skin type, keep Cover Tint flawless touch foundation with you on-the-go.

With breathable, light and smooth coverage, this pressed mineral powder foundation absorbs oil, keeping you shine-free.

Some people use just on the t-zone, others all over the face, as needed. The compact includes a beautiful brush to apply easily on-the-go so you don’t need to carry a make-up bag around.

Even if you tend to dry skin, Cover Tint looks invisible and covers blemishes effectively, while keeping your natural healthy radiance.

Catch the light

Create a flattering glow and mattify at the same time with Silk Touch perfecting powder in Beach.

Combining the mineral mattifying ingredients of Silk Touch with a subtle peachy shimmer carefully blended to suit a wide range of skin tones, this light pressed powder can be used all over the face over existing make-up to add a boost of radiance.

It’s ideal for a touch of elegance in events later in the day.

Sit back and relax

Drop-in to 192 Pavilion Road for an Express Make-Up (£35), where our make-up artists touch up your existing look in double quick time.

Enjoy a refreshing drink and unwind as we refresh your look for your event.