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Beauty For A Heatwave

Expert tips for natural summer beauty.

When the mercury's rising, but you still want to look and feel your best, use our top tips for subtle, shine-free looks that are comfortable, breathable and long-lasting.

Superglow Serum

Keep It Simple

A multi-step skincare routine is a real treat with results that show. But on the hottest days, pare back your routine - your skin will thank you for it. On short, muggy nights, use just a couple of drops of Superglow Serum, our multi-tasking Vitamin C serum.

Rose Dew

Go Oil-Free

During the day, opt for light, oil-free hydrators like our Rose Dew which deploys Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to smooth and firm the skin with a weightless and breathable finish.

Be sure to apply any sunscreen well before Rose Dew, letting each layer sink in fully before moving on. This will enhance product performance and the appearance of your skin.

Matte Mineral Foundation "Opal"

Use Mineral Makeup

Powder often gets a bad rap, but we encourage you to look again - our ultra-fine formulas ensure a shine-free finish, and really do blend imperceptibly on all skin types and ages.

On the face, our Matte Mineral Foundation is a superb take-everywhere buildable base that hushes redness, vanishes pores, looks fresh and natural and lasts superbly in the heat.

Matte Eye Define

On the eyes, our mineral Matte Eye Define will make your eyes look brighter and well-rested, while acting as a magnet for longer-lasting eyeliner and mascara. Look for shades to suit your skin tone - we recommend Beige, Sand, Vanilla, Toffee. Follow the link here to browse the shades.

Buffing Brush

Use Less Product

If you prefer fluid foundation but find it looks 'made up' or 'shiny' in the summer, consider reducing the amount of product you use by half, then blending and sheering it out fully. (You can always add more!) Our Buffing Brush makes it easier to blend your base, and use less for more natural and comfortable results.