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How To: Conceal Sunspots

So long, Sunspots! Our camouflage solutions have got you covered.

 Hyperpigmentation can be caused by all manner of factors, from exposure to UV light to hormones to medication. As well as an increasing number of dermatological interventions, just a small amount of makeup can make a huge difference to your complexion, and your confidence.

Tackle those bothersome brown spots quickly and easily with our high performance camouflage concealer Perfect Cover to restore your flawless complexion. Oil-free and super-pigmented, it will conceal effectively but still melt into skin.

Plus, by concealing hyperpigmentation, you will block out much UV light and, over time, help to fade it.

Always apply concealer after your foundation or tinted moisturiser. Just a light tap of the product and then blend with your fingertips - you only need the smallest amount. For even smoother results, use our Concealer Brush to disperse and blend.

The trick is to selecting a yellow to orange shade to colour-correct the brown hue of your hyperpigmentation.

But which shade is right for your skin tone?

For pale to fair skin tones, go for Fresco.
For fair to light skin tones, go for Gold.
For light to medium skin tones, go for Melba.
For medium to tan skin tones, go for Sienna.
For tan skin tones, go for Nectar.
For deep skin tones, go for Bronze.
Concealer Brush
Apply your concealer like a professional, with our firm brush. Also fabulous for applying cream eyeshadow.