Privacy Policy

Cosmetics à la Carte is committed to protecting your privacy.

If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any questions about the practices described here, please contact our Data Controller at [email protected] or write to us at: Cosmetics à la Carte Limited, 102 Avro House, Havelock Terrace, London SW4 8AS.

What information do we collect?

We collect information from you when you register for an account on our site, fill out a questionnaire, order goods, or fill out a contact or feedback form.

If you visit our site without signing in, then we cannot associate that activity with you personally, but as is normal our web servers record details of which pages have been requested from which internet ("IP") addresses. We also use "cookies" to associate your current "session" with information our end.

How do we use this information?

If you register on our site, we use the information you choose to provide to point you at appropriate products. We ask you many questions when you register but keep the mandatory ones to a minimum. If you choose to answer the optional ones, we can generally provide a better service to you - for example, if you indicate your age we can recommend products more suited to the type of skin you are likely to have.

How do we keep your information safe?

We implement a number of measures to keep your information secure. We do not store your credit card numbers on our site - card details are processed by, a level 1 PCI DSS payment service providers. We also do not store your passwords in cleartext - this means that in the unlikely event our systems were compromised it would virtually impossible for your password to be reconstructed and then tried out on other sites (thought we recommend you do not use the same password with us as elsewhere).

Who else sees your information?

Apart from our staff, we use small number of trusted third parties to handle our data, such as our website host and our offsite file backup company. In all of these cases, the third parties are ones we trust to keep our information private. We would also release information about individuals information stored on our computers if we were compelled to by law.

Your consent

By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

Changes to our our Privacy Policy

If we change our privacy policy, we will post the changes here. The bottom of this page includes the date of the last revision.


Cookies are small fragments of text stored in your browser that allow websites to follow you as you move from page to page through their site. This site uses two types of cookies: session cookies, and analytics cookies.

The session cookie (stored in 'SessionKey') is a number which is used to maintain a list of what items you have added to your shopping basket, and then if you choose to buy the goods, to be able to associate you with an email address when you sign in. Buying items on the web is virtually impossible without the use of session cookies. The session cookie is only associated with you personally if you choose to register for an account, fill in a contact form where you give your email address for a reply, or sign in to buy goods.

We use Google Analytics ("GA") to track site usage which involves the 6 cookies '_ga', '__utma', '__utmb', '__utmc', '__utmz' and '_utmv'. Analytics cookies are not associated with you specifically but are used to work out how our site is used, which pages are popular and which are not. You can read Google's own statement about their cookie use here. The GA cookies store non-personally identifiable information.

The display of the pop-in to request your email is governed by the cookie 'email_collector'. If you have requested that it not be shown, your response will be stored in this cookie on your device and the pop-in suppressed on further visits from the same device.

We use Kissmetrics to track marketing campaign effectiveness which invlolves the 3 cookies 'km_ai', 'km_lv', 'km_uq'. Kissmetrics uses standard first-party cookies to generate a random identity assigned to visitors to our site. This identity by itself does nothing. You can read Kissmetric's own statement sbout their cookie use and opt-out here.

If you don't want any cookies from our site on your computer, you will need to close the window in which you are viewing this site, and then remove the cookies by following the correct instructions for your browser. This page by Pinsent Masons: How to delete cookies... is pretty comprehensive. Please note: we do not take responsibility for the content of external sites.

revised: 29 June 2015