Celebrate The Colours Of The Season

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Autumn is the season of rich vibrant colours. As the leaves turn we are surrounded by the spectacle of natural browns and greens, but how do we channel that beauty into a make-up look that celebrates the new season.

Eye Love It

Whatever colour you choose, keep it warm in Autumn. Warm brown shades are our favourite for 2018, and they continue enhancing your tan at the same time. A smudge of Outliner Marrakech across the lid creates a beautiful warm brown smokey look.

Prime Time


Beautiful skin is always in, but rather than focusing on foundation in Autumn it’s time to play with a multi-tasking primer that give that effortless radiant and clean skin. New Cosmetics à la Carte Complexion Enhancer gives a smoothed, dewy glow and colour corrects your skin tone for a beautiful lifted effect. Using shade Rose Kiss will lift away any sallow tones from a fading tan and make the rich, deep Autumn colours in your make-up pop.

Dusky Definition

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Keep your bronzer at the top of your make-up bag, but start to bring back your blusher, and combine effects for a beautiful dusky and defined look. Apply Shimmer Blush Touch Sunbeam to your contours and follow with Blush Touch Magnolia on the apples of your cheeks.

Love Lips

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Anything goes, but don’t be afraid of a bold statement! We love a bright or deep lip to make us feel strong and empowered, ready to take on the world!