Our History

The original Alacarte reange 1970 s 1The Alacarte shop in 1980 s

A note from Lynne… 

When Cosmetics à la Carte opened in 1973, my vision was to give customers a chance to trial colours and looks in a relaxed environment with dedicated experts before buying, offering a more personal and discreet approach to beauty than could be found in department stores. 

I saw a gap in the market for bespoke makeup to suit a variety of different skin colours and tones, ages and tastes, that gave a truly natural and beautiful look. We strove to be original and individual in our approach to cosmetics from the start, pioneering product concepts we can now all recognise such as natural-look foundations and brightly pigmented eye shadows, and those which are still rare such as custom-blended foundation and truly bespoke formulations

I have a background in Cosmetic Science and I just loved creating the perfect formulations and textures which I knew would make women look beautiful in a natural way. Now, over 40 years on from the day I started, I am still passionate about creating products and I dream about new concepts, colours and their ideal formulations. Empowering women to look and feel their best is a joy for me.