Beauty In-Flight

Fight ‘skin jet-lag’ with our skincare tips and arrive at your destination this summer with beautiful skin.

Here are our skincare tips which you can rely on to hydrate your skin before take-off, in-flight, and when you arrive. Plus, all products we recommend are conveniently under 100ml!

Rose Dew Moisturiser £50

Before take-off

Fight dehydration by applying Rose Dew moisturiser and primer before you take off. Hyaluronic acid in the serum-like formula attracts water, while pure rose otto counteracts free radicals and calms skin. Breathable, oil-free Rose Dew is also light and comfortable even in warm weather.

Rose Hydrabalm £32


Pair in-flight with Rose Hydrabalm lip balm. Simple, natural super-ingredients including beeswax and lanolin keep moisture in and the texture of your lips beautifully smooth, whatever the altitude.

Hydrate from the inside with more water than you might drink at ground level, to counter the higher evaporation rate at lower humidity.

Counterintuitively, facial mists like Rose Hydramist will promote evaporation and dry skin while at high altitudes. So keep Hydramist in your cabin baggage for when you arrive.

Radiance Restoring Rose Oil £55

At your destination

Rehydrate when you arrive at your destination with Radiance Restoring Rose facial oil. A potent blend of pure rose otto, rosehip and jojoba oils have a similar profile to your natural sebum, and bring relief to dry and irritated skin. Apply a penny-sized amount to cleansed skin, massaging to deliver it to the skin while also improving drainage in your face, to reduce any puffiness caused by the flight. You’ll notice the benefits to your cuticles as well.

Pair with Hydralift anti-fatigue eye gel to cool, depuff and brighten your eyes. Let the botanicals in the formula improve microcirculation and drainage in this delicate area, leaving you feeling refreshed, however little sleep you’ve had. Use at night and in the morning before applying concealer.